Foldable Flamingo Umbrella


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All of the elegance and poise of a funky Flamingo is here channelled into a handy collapsible umbrella. Great for birds of fashion who like to be seen with the latest accessories the Wildly Stylish Foldable Flamingo Umbrella is fabulously pink and comes with its own matching protective sheath for storing away nice and neatly. With a folding function inbuilt the Flamingo Umbrella is great for pocketing in a heavy coat, at the bottom of a day pack or even hooked onto a belt or jacket.

Reminiscent of the croquet flamingos from Alice in Wonderland the handle of this umbrella is richly decorated after the head of a flamingo, complete with yellow and black beak and searching eyes. Measuring in at 36” in diameter when opened this brolly is one to treasure and is perfect for keeping the rain off when you’re out and about.