Dresdner Essenz Health Bath Essence




Turn your bathtub into a health spa! Straight from Europe, Dresdner Essenz Bath Essence is a soothing blend of aromatic essential oils and other natural aromatheraputic ingredients designed to promote well-being. Made by Dresdner Essenz, a German firm founded in 1910. Contains premium ingredients and made with absolutely no alkaline soap, sodium laureth sulphate, mineral oil or chemical preservatives.Also contains sesame oil, wheat protein and panthenol to leave skin noticeably soft and smooth. One packet contains enough product for several baths.

SOOTHE AND UNWIND bath for health and well-being is a beneficial bath essence with natural essential lavender and palmarosa oils, West Indian sandalwood and valerian root oil. The pure essential blend of oils calms the mind and helps to relax you after a stressful day. Hop blossom extract has a harmonizing effect to combat anxiety and nervousness. An intensive care complex noticeably pampers the skin and protects it from drying. 

MUSCLE THERAPY Regenerative bath essence with juniper berry and wintergreen oils. The bath has a particularly beneficial effect after strenuous sporting activity. The beneficial warmth of the bath combined with the essential oils stimulates circulation and has a relaxing effect on the muscles.

BREATHE EASY Just add the packet to your bathtub and let the aromatic natural ingredients including eucalyptus, fennel and honey aid your respiration. Especially recommended if you suffer from congestion due to a cold or allergies.

COLD RELIEF health and wellness bath is a restorative bath additive with natural essential oils of thyme, bitter fennel and eucalyptus. The bath salt offers relief during cold & flu season and enhances your overall sense of well-being. The bath containing natural honey soothes and calms you.

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